Building and running the code

The DiffPlex solution contains several different projects that have different dependencies.
  • At the most basic you just need Visual Studio 2010 installed and you will be able to build the DiffPlex and DiffPlex.ConsoleRunner projects.
  • To build and run the unit test projects (Facts.DiffPlex and Facts.WebDiffer) you need to download:
    • Moq 3.1 and place the files in 3rdParty/Moq .
    • xUnit.Net 1.5 and place the files in 3rdParty/
  • To build and run the WebsiteDiffer project you need:
    • Either install ASP.NET MVC 1.0 or place the System.Web.Mvc.dll in 3rdParty/ASP.NET MVC .
    • Have IIS point to the WebsiteDiffer project on port 81 (or configure it however you like).

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